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K4, K6, K9 and K12 Industrial Chiller Range

K4, K6, K9 and K12 Industrial Chiller Range

Our K4, K6, K9 and K12 coolers are powerful laboratory chillers with precision cooling performance. They are built to order to our customers’ requirements and designed for use with applications in laboratory and industrial manufacturing processes. We are trusted chiller experts and have experience supplying chillers from 480W through to 15kW cooling capacity. Offering expert, consultative advice with free technical support from our experienced engineers, research and development team.

Our precision chillers benefit from a compact design with a small foot print, they can be easily moved on casters between applications if required. With a surface mounted fan this range of coolers can effortlessly be stored on or beneath a bench. 

Offering great reliability and accurate temperature stability the ATC range of chillers are quiet in operation and available with a range of pumps and standard options to suit your needs.  Each chiller is specifically designed and manufactured to suit each customers requirement. We have experience in working with food manufacturers, cosmetics producers, scientific instrument support markets (electron microscopes, X-ray diffraction, ICPMS etc.), semiconductor process, breweries, ophthalmic lens manufacturing equipment, induction heating, and more recently the chillers of choice for commercial digital printing and laser lithography markets worldwide.  

With a resilient self-contained design, supporting research and applications that are “always on” ATC chillers offer great reliability with up to 15kW cooling capacity. Available as UL-CSA compliant via ETL Mark option on both indoor and chillers with a housing for outdoor use.

Working with our international customers, our chillers have a variable power supply allowing for easy change of voltage or frequency supply from one region to another at a flick of a switch.  Our service is supported by an extensive network of trusted partners and skilled service agents to assist our global clients. 

ATC's higher cooling capacity chillers offer reliable cooling from 4.5kW to 14kW. The four sizes are available in a full range of configurations and can be tailored to your requirements.

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