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6800 Series

6800 Series

The NEXT GENERATION 6800 Series universal testing systems range in capacity from 500 N to 50 kN and provide exceptional performance with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Offering up to 5 kHz data acquisition and 0.5% accuracy down to 1/1000th of load cell capacity, the 6800 Series offers ultimate flexibility for any testing need.

The 6800 series Universal Testing Machines are designed to perform tensile, compression, flex, peel, puncture, friction, shear tests, and more. The systems are compatible with hundreds of grips and fixtures found in Instron’s expansive accessories catalog, with specific configurations designed to perform the most popular tests specific to the biomedical, automotive, consumer electronics, and raw materials industries.


The 6800 Series universal testing systems are powered by Instron’s Bluehill Universal software. Equipped with easy-to-understand icons and workflows, Bluehill Universal makes it simple to train users and set up tests, helping you maximize lab efficiency while minimizing costly errors.



The 6800 Series can be expanded to include Digital Input/Output Channels and up to 11 Sensor Conditioning Modules to ensure compatibility with advanced accessories and external devices. When testing on a 6800 Series frame you can capture synchronized data at a rate of up to 5 kHz with adjustable bandwidth to never miss a test event.



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