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ElectroPuls Test Systems

ElectroPuls Test Systems

With more than ten years of running tests over billions of cycles, ElectroPuls systems are the established materials testing instruments using patented linear motor technology. Offering slow-speed static and high-frequency fatigue testing, this versatile testing capability means ElectroPuls systems are ideal for any lab or office space. Choose from axial only or combined axial-torsion systems that can deliver up to 10kN and 100Nm. Available in 3 sizes, simply pick the one that's right for you. ElectroPuls, a simpler, smarter, safer way to meet your testing needs.

ElectroPuls systems offer incredible versatility in testing solutions in a number of different industries, including biomedical, orthopaedics, consumer electronics, and research institutions. Our customers’ success has become a major drive of the ElectroPuls business. We have been with them throughout their journey, proving to be a reliable partner for the last decade. We are passionate about our customers and want to help make testing as exciting and simple as it can be. To help you explore the thousands of different customer applications running on ElectroPuls, we’ve grouped them in to the following categories ValidationSimulationMaterials and Universal. Find out which one resonates best with your requirements by exploring below.

ElectroPuls systems have been successfully used by many industries to run experiments that result in quick release of products to market in a standardsdriven testing environment. Examples of safety critical applications in the dental and orthopaedic industries include ASTM F543, ISO 72064, ISO 14801, ASTM F1717, and ISO 7209. Common examples of nonbiomedical tests exist in the automotive industry such as engine mounts, plastics and composites. Instron has been updating and evolving ElectroPuls systems and customer services over the last ten years to ensure the highest levels of safety, consistency and efficiency. In addition, Instron offers training by our engineers to ensure that the machines can be used immediately, to their full capability.

Get Started Quickly

Instron provides expertise to guide you through the process, from ordering to installation of the systems, with record lead times. Our class leading processes will ensure that you will receive a fully functional system to start your testing when you need it. Our global service and support team, having installed hundreds of systems already, will support you every step of the way, installing, calibrating and training your personnel so that you are ready to test as quickly as possible.

Reliable Testing

Instron is a company you can depend on, having already helped many world-class organizations validate products for over a decade. You can be confident that your systems will provide the best performance you can get. Operating under ISO 9001 quality standards and with an extensive list of accreditations, Instron employs a product design philosophy where our customer’s data, integrity, safety, and protection of investment are paramount.

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