Melt Flow Testers

MF10 Melt Flow Tester

MF10 Melt Flow Tester

CEAST MF10 is the entry level model of the CEAST Melt Flow Testers Series. A simple and robust instrument, designed to perform tests according to Procedure A of ISO 1133, ASTM D 1238 and equivalents.

Temperature testing range goes from 30 to 400 °C (resolution of 0.1°C), with accuracy and stability according to ISO 1133-1. Barrel and piston are made of hardened steel, precision-machined according to ISO and ASTM requirements. Each unit is supplied with one tungsten carbide die, barrel and die cleaning tools, and one test mass for 2160 grams. The die can be removed easily from the bottom of the barrel, for cleaning and inspection, thanks to the quick-release slide system.

The following certificates are included: CE certificate, Quality certificate, dimensional conformity certificates of barrel, piston and die.


  • ISO 1133-1 Procedure A
  • ASTM D1238 Procedure A
MF20 and MF30 Melt Flow Testers

MF20 and MF30 Melt Flow Testers

The versatile CEAST MF20 and CEAST MF30 are single weight systems that are ideal for performing tests according to ISO 1133 and ASTM D1238 Procedures A, B, C. Compliant with ISO 1133-2 requirements, they can perform reliable tests on commodity materials, as well as on the most temperature- and moisture-sensitive special grade materials. Many different options are available: from primary test inspection to integrated test automation solutions.

CEAST MF20 is offered as a basic machine to be configured with a variety of options. You can add a high-resolution digital encoder (for MVR measurement as per Procedure B and C), manual or motorized melt cutting devices for accurate melt density determination, and a motorized weight lifter. By choosing the new Manual Mass Selector, you can keep a series of 8 test masses installed and available at all times and quickly select the desired one for your test – no handling of masses.

CEAST MF30 includes a high-resolution digital encoder and an N/C controlled weight lifter. The lifter is equipped with an integrated load cell for controlled compacting and purging operations, a significant improvement for repeatability and time savings (not available for MF20). The machine can be equipped with Manual Mass Selector, melt cutting devices, and all the additional options of MF20.

CEAST MF20 and MF30 – Main Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomic and compact design for easy and safe testing, service, and maintenance
  • High-temperature accuracy and stability according to ISO 1133-2
  • Easy-to-operate, on-board interface for accurate test execution
  • MVR with up to 40 data points acquisition for a single test (with encoder)
  • Wide range of masses designed for all material testing: from fast-flowing master batches up to highly viscous rubbery or filled materials
  • Guided piston design for accurate positioning into the barrel
  • Standard tungsten carbide and special dies for specific standards
  • Quick die release and locking mechanism
  • Load cell for controlled material compacting and purging (only on MF30)
  • Robust mechanical design, modularity of options to tailor and upgrade your system

CEAST MF20 and MF30 – Options

  • High-precision encoder to measure MVR (included with MF30)
  • Quick and accurate lifter for automatic test mass application (included with MF30)
  • Manual Mass Selector to avoid heavy mass handling and configuration changes
  • Die plugging device to prevent material flowing during pre-heating
  • Go/No-go gauges for die tolerance check
  • Nitrogen blanket device for hygroscopic materials testing
  • Acid resistant version for chemically aggressive materials
  • Manual or motorized cutting device of extrudate
  • Integrated device for automatic barrel cleaning
  • CEAST Visual Melt Software for storage and analysis of results with graphical capabilities

The New Manual Mass Selector Option

Available for CEAST MF20 and MF30, the integrated Manual Mass Selector simplifies the configuration and testing, and ensures outstanding operator safety. With minimal physical effort, there is no heavy mass handling required and the configuration of the machine always remains the same. The standard set of masses enables the following test conditions: 0,325 (mass of piston) – 1,2 – 2,16 – 3,8 – 5 – 10 – 12,5 – 21,6 kg (masses tolerance +/- 0,5% according to international standards, with extremely easy checking and costless maintenance).

  • All masses remain installed at all times on the special support
  • Special sets of masses are available on request
  • The device features a series of mechanical and electrical solutions to prevent hazardous situations and ensure trouble-free operation
  • Requires Weight Lifter (option for MF20, included for MF30)
  • Doesn’t require compressed air supply

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