Force Tensiometer - Tensíío

Force Tensiometer – Tensíío

The new generation tensiometer for liquid and solid surfaces

Theoretically, building a tensiometer is simple: putting a moveable sample stage underneath a force measuring device. But developing the best-in-class tensiometer is something completely different. It takes more than just using an utterly precise force sensor (which we did) and the sample positioning with the widest dynamic range (which we developed). It takes a change of perspective that focuses on the user and his task - you and your task. It takes the will to make your lab work as convenient, flexible, and time-saving as possible. We believe that Tensíío is that kind of instrument.

Tasks and applications

  • Determination of the effectiveness and efficiency of surfactants by CMC measurement
  • Wetting behavior of tablets, pharmaceutical active ingredients, and excipients
  • Wetting of varnishes and paints
  • Analyzing the aging status of oils according to ASTM D 971 and IEC 62961
  • Wetting and adhesion of coatings
  • Development of cosmetic products
  • Wetting properties of inks
  • Wetting of fiber bundles and textiles
  • Sedimentation and ductility of dispersions
  • Checking of surface modifications
  • Adhesion at super hydrophobic surfaces

Measuring methods and options

  • Surface tension and interfacial tension using the ring, plate, and rod method
  • Surface tension and interfacial tension using the ring tear-off method
  • Critical micelle concentration (CMC) of surfactants
  • Contact angle and surface free energy of solids, powders or fiber bundles
  • Density of liquids and solids
  • Sedimentation behavior of dispersions
  • Penetration resistance of sediments
  • Temperatures between -15 and 350°C, temperature measurement with internal or external sensor
Force Tensiometer – K20

Force Tensiometer – K20

The flexible tensiometer for basic quality assurance

Our Force Tensiometer – K20 is a robust, semi-automatic instrument for the precise measurement of surface tension and interfacial tension. Using the ring and plate method as the main tensiometric methods, it produces reliable measurements for the routine quality assurance of your surfactant solutions and interfacial processes.

Tasks and applications

  • Determination of the effectiveness of wetting media
  • Checking the surfactant content in solutions below the critical micelle concentration (CMC)
  • Tank clearance and cleaning validation in the foodstuffs industry
  • Measurement of interfacial tension for the quality assurance and optimization of emulsifiers
  • Decomposition product content in oils according to ASTM D‑971.

Measuring methods and options

  • Surface tension using the ring and plate method
  • Interfacial tension using the ring and plate method
  • Surface tension and interfacial tension using the ring tear-off method
  • Testing of transformer oils in accordance with ASTM D‑971
  • Measuring the density of liquids
  • Measurement from ‑10 to 90 °C, temperature measurement with internal sensor
Force Tensiometer – K6

Force Tensiometer – K6

The manual tensiometer for clear and reliable basic measurements

Our Force Tensiometer – K6 is a robust and reliable manual instrument for measuring surface tension and interfacial tension using the ring method. As a quality product from our precision mechanical workshop, it produces fast, easy and accurate measurements for surfactant solutions and solvents.

Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP100

Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP100

Analysis of surfactant solutions for dynamic processes

Our Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP100 measures dynamic surface tension with high accuracy. It reliably analyses the mobility of surfactants, thus enabling high-speed processes such as spraying, coating, printing and cleaning to be optimized.

Tasks and applications

  • Surfactant development
  • Optimization of spray processes
  • Development of washing and cleaning processes
  • Optimization of painting and printing processes
  • Checking the surfactant content in galvanic baths and cleaning baths

Measuring methods and options

  • Measurement of surface tension as a function of surface age
  • Long-term measurement of surface tension at constant surface age
  • Determination of adsorption coefficient and diffusion coefficient
  • Calculation of the surface tension of the solvent and the equilibrium surface tension (extrapolation in accordance with Hua & Rosen)
  • Temperature control from -10 to 130 °C, temperature measurement with internal sensor
Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BPT Mobile

Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BPT Mobile

Mobile quality control for cleaning and coating baths

Industrial quality assurance is about reliability, speed, and ease of use. When it comes to regular checks of the cleaner or wetting agent content in a bath, our Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BPT Mobile is prepared for these demands.


  • Cleaning as a preparation step before coating or bonding
  • Electroplating
  • Coating of solar cells
  • Etching, e.g. for circuit boards

Measuring methods and options

  • Bubble Pressure method: SFT is measured using the internal pressure of a bubble at an immersed capillary
  • Monitoring at a single surface age with evaluation based on predefined limits
  • Continuous measurement of SFT while changing the concentration
  • Determination of the SFT dependent on surface age between 10 and 30,000 ms
  • Temperature measurement and documentation
Spinning Drop Tensiometer - SDT

Spinning Drop Tensiometer – SDT

Measurement of interfacial tension in a wide range for optimizing emulsions

The SDT Spinning Drop Tensiometer measures interfacial tension with a high degree of accuracy and a particularly wide range down to very low values. The SDT is the ideal solution for the quality control and development of emulsions and surfactants thanks to its enormous bandwidth, small sample volumes, and simple handling during preparation. The instrument is particularly well-suited for analyzing the interfacial behavior of mini- and microemulsions, e.g. for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) or the pharmaceutical and cosmetics branches.

Tasks and Applications

  • Development of emulsions
  • Tertiary crude oil production
  • Bioavailability of drugs
  • Surfactant research
  • Adsorption properties at phase boundaries

Measuring methods and options

  • Measurement of interfacial tension in an extremely wide range starting from 10-6 mN/m
  • Analysis using the Vonnegut drop diameter method
  • Analysis using the Young-Laplace drop shape curvature method
  • Long-term measurements for investigating surfactant dynamics
  • Temperature-dependent analyses

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