Light Microscopy Workshop - 6 to 8 August 2019 (Johannesburg)

This 3-day practical workshop aims to provide light microscope users with the basic understanding required to use these instruments optimally and to obtain the information sought from samples.  It is only by understanding how light can be manipulated before and after interacting with a sample that one can obtain useful, reliable and reproducible images that lend themselves to publication, measurement and further analysis.

The workshop has a strong hands-on bias, and it is equally relevant to beginners inasmuch as to long-time users (who may need a refresher course, but very often also to “unlearn” bad habits and common misconceptions developed along the way!).

Like with any other sort of training, the lessons learned are consolidated best through immediate application after the workshop. The desired outcome is that, by the end of the course, attendees no longer “fiddle” and “twiddle” with the instrument knobs but instead perform “informed adjustments” of the microscope settings in order to obtain images of the highest quality. 

The Program includes:

  • Understanding Visible Light - principles and interactions of light with matter: absorption, refraction, diffraction, fluorescence and polarisation.
  • Microscope Anatomy: microscope designs, condenser types, stages, objective lens types, projection tubes, Köhler illumination, numerical aperture, resolution and magnification and the correct use of an immersion objective.
  • Contrast Enhancing Mechanisms: Brightfield of stained samples vs. Darkfield, Phase Contrast, Polarising, Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) and Fluorescence. 
  • Image Recording: calibration, scale bars, necessary magnification and composition; brightness and contrast; Z stacking of thick / uneven sections. Image processing steps to optimize images.
  • Basic Sample Preparation: sample thickness, use of cover slips, mounting medium of choice (matching/mismatching RI, anti-fading)
  • Taking care of your microscope

Date:          6 to 8 August 2019
Time:       09h00 to 16h00
Venue:       Advanced Laboratory Solutions (directions on Google Maps)
                   370 Angus Crescent, Northlands Business Park
                   Northriding, Randburg

Presenter: Dr. James Wesley-Smith

Cost:          R3,750.00 excluding VAT 


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