5900 Series

The 5900 Series Universal Testing Instruments offer exceptional performance and are designed with enhancements that deliver superior accuracy and reliability, improved ergonomics, and an enhanced overall experience for the operator. The most common uses of these mechanical testing systems are for tensile and compression testing; however, they also perform bend, peel, shear, tear and cyclic tests. Frame types include the 5940 single column tabletop for low-force testing up to 2 kN; the 5960 dual column tabletop systems for mid-range testing up to 50kN; and the 5980 floor model systems for heavy- duty, robust testing up to 600kN. The control panel is an integral component of the testing system, decreasing set up time and increasing testing efficiency through the use of programmable live displays and soft keys. Tests can be set up and run directly from the control panel.  

Single Column Tabletop Models

  • Model 5942 (0.5kN Capacity)
  • Model 5943 (1kN Capacity)
  • Model 5944 (2kN Capacity)

Dual Column Tabletop Models

  • Model 5965 (5kN Capacity)
  • Model 5966 (10kN Capacity)
  • Model 5967 (30kN Capacity)
  • Model 5969 (50kN Capacity)

 Dual Column Floor Models

  • Model 5982 (100kN Capacity)
  • Model 5984 (150kN Capacity)
  • Model 5985 (250kN Capacity)
  • Model 5988 (400kN Capacity)
  • Model 5989 (600kN Capacity)