Specimen Preparation

CEAST is proposing a complete series of instruments designed for sample preparation. The product range includes instruments to cut out specimens from thin and soft materials, manual and fully automatic notching instruments for the execution of the notch on the sample according to the different international standards, milling machines to obtain specimens from rigid and reinforced materials, from pipes and from finished products. CEAST is also offering the renowned line of Axxicon Moulds designed for the manufacturing of test specimens to determine the mechanical (i.e. impact strength) and non-mechanical (i.e. flammability) properties of polymers.

  • Manual Hollow Die Punch
  • Automatic Hollow Die Punch
  • Manual Notchvis
  • Motorized Notchvis
  • Automatic Notchvis Plus
  • Contour Cut
  • Minicutvis - Automatic Milling Machine
  • Razor Notch