Bench Top SEM

  • Intuitive touch panel operation with new GUI
  • Well focused 3D morphological observation
  • Backscattered electron imaging for compositional distribution
  • Metrology supported
  • Imaging of tilted, rotated samples* 


Compact body equal to an optical microscope. Simple and stylish body.

  • The JEOL logo lights up when the system is powered on.
  • LED lamps on the front indicate the system status.

Touch panel with new GUI. More intuitive operation.

  • Utmost ease of operation through the touch panel system
  • Dual frame display
  • Simultaneous display of live and retrieved images allows for comparative observation

Optional accessories

  • Tilt/rotation motor drive holder
    • A popular option, the tilt/rotation motor drive specimen holder allows the operator to tilt and rotate the sample for well focused 3D morphological observation.
  • Element analysis
    • Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) for elemental analysis
    • JEOL's proprietary EDS
    • Quick, reliable customer support guarantees satisfaction