InTouchscope SEMs

JSM-IT100 InTouchscope SEM

The JSM-IT100, equipped with 50 years of JEOL SEM technologies, is a compact, versatile scanning electron microscope. Ease of use is a key feature of our successful InTouchScope series while maintaining the versatility and expandability expected from a research-grade SEM. This all-in-one SEM is used in a wide range of fields, such as biotechnology and nanotechnology, covering various applications, from materials development, testing, evaluation, and defect analysis to quality control, etc.



HV mode: 3 nm(30 kV *1) 4 nm(20 kV)、8 nm(3 kV) 15 nm(1 kV)
LV mode*2: 4 nm(30 kV *1) 5 nm(20kV)


x5 to x300,000 (on a 128 mm to 96 mm image size)

Low vacuum pressure setting range *2

10 to 100 Pa

Accelerating Voltage

0.5 kV to 30 kV *1 (53 steps)
0.5 kV to 20 kV (43 steps)


Factory pre-centered tungsten hairpin filament

Electron gun

Fully automatic / Manual adjustment available

Condenser lens

High precision zoom condenser lens

Objective lens

Conical lens

Obejective lens aperture

1 step, fine adjustment along X and Y

Astigmatism memory


Specimen stage

Eucentric stage
X : 80 mm
Y : 40 mm
Z : 5 mm to 48 mm
Tilt: -10°to + 90°, Rotation: 360°

Maximum specimen size

150 mm dia.

Image file


EDS functions*3

Spectrum analysis, Qualitative/quantitative analysis, Horizontal line analysis, Multi-point analysis, Element map analysis, Probe tracking

Standard Recipe


Custom Recipe

EOS system, stage coordinates, vacuum mode, etc

Automatic functions

Auto-filament and alignment, ACB, AF, AS, Active tone

Evacumation system

Fully automatic, TMP : 1 RP : 1

JSM-IT500 InTouchscope SEM

The JSM-IT500 is a new model of JEOL InTouchScope™ series.
Equipped with our sophisticated Analytical series, the JSM-IT500 facilitates any analyses from specimen loading to report generation.

  • The displayed Holder Graphics or CCD image enables you to locate the specimen area or specify analysis positions. You can rapidly search the specimen area and specify positions for multiple-field serial analysis.
  • With "Live Analysis", the embedded EDS system shows a real time EDS spectrum during image observation. Elemental composition or "Alert" for element of interest is displayed on a live image.
  • This user-friendly software enables you to select and review SEM images and analysis results through the data management area. You can also generate a report with a single click.



High vacuum mode: 3.0 nm (30 kV)  15.0 nm (1.0 kV)


Low vacuum mode※1: 4.0 nm (30 kV BED) 

Direct magnification

x 5 to x 300,000
 (Defined with a display size of 128 mm x 96 mm) 

Displayed magnification

× 14 to × 839,724 (on the monitor)
(Defied with a display size of 358 mm x 269 mm)

Electron gun

W filament, Fully automatic gun alignment

Accelerating voltage

0.3 kV to 30kV

Probe current

1 pA to 1 μA

Low-vacuum pressure adjustment※1 

10 to 650Pa

Objective lens aperture

3-stage, with XY fine adjustment function

Automatic functions

Filament adjustment, Gun alignment,
Focus / Stigmator / Brightness / Contrast

Maximum specimen size

200 mm dia. x 75 mm height
200 mm dia. x 80 mm height  ※Option
32 mm dia. x 90 mm height  ※Option 

Specimen stage

Large eucentric type
X: 125 mm, Y: 100 mm, Z: 80 mm
Tilt: -10° to 90° Rotation: 360°

JSM-IT300HR InTouchscope SEM

The JSM-IT300HR has a large analytical chamber equipped with several ports to accommodate multiple detectors such as: multiple EDS detectors, WDS, EBSD, CL, etc., creating a nano-lab inside your SEM. Careful design ensures optimized geometry for all detectors. Furthermore, the stage is mounted inside the chamber enabling users to secure large, heavy and odd shaped objects on the stage with clear positioning prior to evacuating the chamber.

Low vacuum capability is built in allowing for imaging and analysis of all types of samples in their native state. It can be equipped with a JEOL EDS detector for fast analysis directly from the SEM software interface.


  • High resolution SEM with high brightness, long life emitter (1.5nm at 30kV, 4nm at 1kV)
  • Magnification up to 600,000X (print), >1,670,000X (display)
  • Fully integrated and automated low vacuum system
  • Large analytical chamber and stage can cover samples 178mm (d) x 80mm (h)
  • Navigation is easy with embedded color camera
  • Small foot print and easy maintenance (no cooling water or compressed gas required)