Foam Analysis

Our DFA100 instrument for analysing foams measures the foamability of liquids and the foam stability based on precise measurements of the foam height. With flexibly deployable modules, it also measures the liquid content of the foam or analyses the foam structure with regard to bubble size and distribution.

The DFA100 assists in the optimization of foam-forming products or, in the case of unwanted foam formation, helps with specific foam prevention.


  • Foams for washing and cleaning
  • Firefighting
  • Foams in foodstuffs and body care products
  • Surfactant development
  • Flotation as a method for separating solids
  • Foam-inhibiting and foam-reducing agents (Antifoamers / Defoamers)
  • Foam prevention for paints and varnishes, process and waste water and cooling lubricants

Measuring Methods and Options

  • Measurement of foamability of liquids and foam decay
  • Determination of total height, foam height and liquid height
  • Foaming by means of bubbles or stirring
  • Investigations of externally produced foams
  • Automatic multiple measurements
  • Foamability parameters, including maximum height, foam capacity and foam density
  • Decay parameters, including start of decay, decay half-life and time-dependent foam heights similar to Ross-Miles
  • Temperature-controlled measurements up to 90°C

Technical Data

Maximum measuring height - 200 mm

Height resolution - 0.125 mm

Maximum frame rate - 20 frames per second

Minimum sample volume - 20 ml

Gas flow when bubbling - 0.2 to 1.0 l/min

Rotational speed when stirring - maximum 8000 rpm

Dimensions - 248 x 75 x 460mm (WxDxH)

Weight - 9 kg