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Mineralogy and Thin Sectioning



Precision cutting and grinding with a smart and intuitive user interface for higher productivity
The redesigned Accutom cut-off machines from Struers are optimized for precision and ease of use to give the user a head start in the drive for perfect specimens. Packed with easy-to-use functions, they enable world-class cutting precision with a minimum of effort. The Accutom-100 includes a MultiCut function for extra productivity, and a grinding mode with multiple bi-directional sweeps between steps to ensure perfect planeness.

  • High precision
  • Shorter cutting time
  • Higher productivity
  • Perfect planeness
  • Easy to learn and use
  • 75-150 mm diameter cut-off wheel size
  • 150 mm diameter cup wheel size (Accutom-100)


User-friendly vacuum impregnation unit, especially designed for impregnation of porous materials

CitoVac gives the user a superior impregnation which is carried out quickly and efficiently. Perfect for porous materials, such as specimens for failure analysis with cracks, porous casts, and composites, electronic components, rocks minerals, ceramics, and spray coatings. CitoVac is extremely user-friendly, and is equipped with a spacious vacuum chamber.

  • Trouble-free filling of the mounting cups with no spilling
  • User-friendly operation
  • Optimum safety
  • Less cleaning
  • Room for many and/or large specimens
Labopol-30 / Laboforce-Mi

Labopol-30 / Laboforce-Mi

Grinding, Lapping & Polishing Machine for Mineralogical Application

LaboPol-30 is a strong grinding and polishing machine for 300 mm diameter discs. With variable speed from 50-500 rpm, it is possible to carry out grinding, lapping and polishing processes, including final polishing with oxide polishing suspensions. LaboForce-Mi is a semi-automatic specimen mover for thin sections and mineralogical specimens. The force is applied through springs which can be individually adjusted up to maximum load of 20 N. Exchangeable specimen mover plates for 4 or 8 specimens are available. LaboDoser is a dosing unit for LaboPol with LaboForce.

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