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On-site Materialography



Ensure perfectly prepared surfaces in the field.

Trans P ol-5 is a portable, non-destructive metallographic grinding/polishing machine built to withstand rugged field conditions. Very compact 32 mm grinding and polishing disks mean that welds, in even the most inaccessible places, can be handled.

  • High performance motor ensures sufficient power working even with the coarsest paper. Battery or mains powered with an exchangeable battery pack
  • Remote-controlled operation by use of a 3.0 m flexible cable
  • All necessary accessories are included, and are easily stored in the hold of the carrying case.


Fast and efficient, non-destructive metallographic preparation in the field.

MoviPol-5 is a portable and robust electrolytic polishing and etching machine for fast and efficient, non-destructive metallographic preparation anywhere. It comes with a battery pack that ensures up to 1.5 hours of uninterrupted operation.

MoviPol-5 can be used directly on critical surfaces and is widely used for metal safety inspection, especially for critical parts of larger units, e.g. welds on pipelines and other joints on large structures. The method effectively reveals changes in the microstructure of the metal and allows preventing possible damage because of cracks and leaks. 

  • Automatic polishing and etching
  • Method Database
  • Electrolyte cartridge system
  • Peristaltic pump for work in any position
  • Safety features
Replication system

Replication system

The Most Versatile 3D Replicating System

RepliSet, RepliFix, and Transcopy replica foil is a complete system for replicating materials. It is designed to transfer the structure of a solid surface to a flexible, highly accurate, and stable replica. The result is an exact 3D copy of the surface, allowing microscopic examination and precise measurements. Our replicating system is accepted for ASTM standard E 1351 “Standard Practice for Production and Evaluation of Field Metallographic Replicas.”

  • Highly accurate
  • Non-destructive
  • Flexible
  • Maximum user friendliness
  • Precise measurements


Battery-powered Portable Microscopes for Field Inspection of Prepared Surfaces and Replicas

With its CMOS sensor, the 3 megapixels digital camera for PSM microscopes is aimed at professionals with high demands in terms of image quality, dynamic and sensitivity. Dedicated to optical microscopy, it is used in the metallography laboratory or on site.

The digital camera for PSM microscopes is a good compromise between speed and resolution. Its sensor delivers a resolution of 3.2 megapixels. Its high definition digital sensor provides sharp images with low noise, and fast live image for easy focusing.

In combination with Perfect Image Lite software, microscope objectives are easily calibrated, and a scale bar can be automatically merged in the captured image. All cameras parameters can be saved and recalled for maximal ease of use and reproducible images. Measurements on the live or captured images are available, such as length, area, angle and alike. Advanced versions of the software are available for more demanding applications such as grain sizing, cast iron analysis and alike.

  • High resolution camera with Sony sensor
  • 10’’ Inches Touchscreen tablet
  • Large live image for easy focusing
  • Interactive software for image capturing
  • Automatic scale bar – Measurements

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