Field Emission SEMs

JSM-IT700HR InTouchScope™ SEM

The JSM-IT700HR InTouchScope™ Field Emission SEM is a compact, versatile Field Emission SEM that offers Smart-Flexible-Powerful performance at a great value.

Our unique in-lens field emission gun and advanced electron optics deliver large probe currents while maintaining a small probe making this microscope ideally suited for imaging and analysis of nanostructures.

This highly versatile SEM is compact in design yet is equipped with a large chamber and both High and Low Vacuum modes for managing a wide variety of specimen types in their native state. The JSM-IT700HR can be outfitted with our fully embedded EDS microanalysis system providing EDS spectrum in real time during image observation.

Smart – Flexible - Powerful

Smart – Building off our ever popular InTouchScope™ series, this SEM is accessible to even the new or occasional user. An integrated CCD camera mounted on the chamber simplifies specimen navigation and the transition is seamless to the live SEM image as the magnification is increased. Advanced auto functions deliver sharp, high resolution images with ease. Smart, with its built-in Specimen Exchange Navi mode. This mode guides the user step-by-step from sample introduction to automatic condition setting and image formation based on the sample type and application. Also, reproduce imaging and analysis conditions from any stored image.

Flexible – The JSM-IT700HR SEM is equipped with a large specimen chamber with multiple ports that are optimally positioned for analytical attachments such as: multiple EDS, EBSD (co-planar with EDS), WDS, CL, STEM, heating/cooling sub-stages etc. There is a large, internal, mechanically eucentric stage with the advantage of easy placement of large and heavy specimens and arranging their orientation prior to closing the door and evacuating the chamber. The JSM-IT700HR platform includes both secondary and backscatter electron detectors for capturing stereoscopic and compositional detail.

Powerful – Combining large probe currents with a small probe size at any accelerating voltage increases analytical resolution with fast results saving time which translates to efficiency and savings. Add our fully embedded EDS microanalysis system and observe EDS spectra in Real-Time during image observation.  Our Zeromag function links the optical image, SEM images and EDS data for an instant map of analysis positions. Expanded functionality such as: automated montage, movie capture of the live SEM image and compatibility with Python scripting are all included in the JSM-IT700HR platform. This SEM also supports live web viewing and remote control.

Key Features:

  • In-lens field emission gun delivers ≥300nA to the specimen
  • Aperture Angle Control Lens (ACL) for high resolution at any kV or probe current
  • Advanced auto functions including beam alignment, focus, astigmatism correction
  • High and Low Vacuum modes
  • Large specimen chamber with multiple ports
  • Mechanically eucentric, large, 5-axis automated specimen stage mounted in the chamber
  • Navigation is easy with embedded color camera (Stage Navigation System)
  • Zeromag simplifies navigation providing a seamless transition from the optical image to live SEM image. All data is linked for instant map of analysis positions.
  • Live Analysis with integrated JEOL EDS
  • Automated montage includes EDS maps (with JEOL EDS)
  • SmileView Lab for data management and report generation
  • Step-by-Step auto function guided operation for the new or occasional user
  • Small footprint and easy maintenance (no cooling water required)

JSM-IT800 Series Ultrahigh Resolution Field Emission SEM

The JEOL IT800 Ultrahigh Resolution Field Emission SEM is a a revolutionary FE-SEM with the most advanced high-resolution analytical technology available today. The JEOL IT800 series offers the next level of analytical intelligence for high spatial resolution imaging and analysis at the nanoscale.


Smart - The IT800 series of Schottky Field Emission SEMs with embedded JEOL Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDS) streamlines operation and workflow efficiency. Elegant functionality, ultrahigh resolution, and powerful software enable seamless acquisition of data from observation to elemental analysis and subsequent reporting.

The JEOL NEOENGINE® electron beam control system and advanced auto functions provide fast transitions between high resolution imaging and high current analyses, without sacrificing performance, resulting in unprecedented ease of use. Advanced AI algorithms optimize control of electron lenses in real time, correct electron trajectories and automatically align the beam, all while correcting focus, brightness/contrast, and astigmatism. Live EDS analysis allows direct monitoring of specimen chemical composition during imaging.

The JEOL SEM seamlessly integrates optical imaging and navigation, SEM imaging, and EDS Live Analysis with one-click operation.

Flexible - The JSM-IT800 series is equipped with a large specimen chamber that accommodates a wide variety of detectors simultaneously, including: multiple EDS, WDS, STEM, BSE, and CL. JEOL’s unique Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer allows efficient and parallel collection of very low-energy X-rays while providing unprecedented chemical state analysis.

Powerful - The IT800SHL is JEOL’s flagship FE SEM with sub-nm resolution, up to 2,000,000X magnification and an accelerating voltage range of 0.01 to 30kV, making it possible to acquire stunning details of nanostructures alongside comprehensive elemental analysis.  This highly versatile, easy-to-use field emission SEM offers the next level of analytical intelligence in FE-SEM.

High Spatial Resolution

The JSM-IT800 utilizes a hybrid objective lens that combines electromagnetic and electrostatic lenses with through-the-lens electron detection system. With no electromagnetic leakage below the lens it is ideal for imaging magnetic materials and analyzing samples with EBSD. The integration of in-the-lens acceleration and deceleration of the electron beam results in minimization of the effects of lens aberrations at low kV, yielding higher resolution at the lowest accelerating voltages.

Unique to the SHL version, the new Upper Hybrid Detector (UHD) provides excellent S/N and detection efficiency of electrons emitted by the specimen, without specimen bias.

The JSM-IT800 employs a beam deceleration mode (BD mode) to decrease charging during imaging of nonconductive specimens, improve resolution at low kV and enhance surface topography by allowing accelerating voltages as low as 0.01kV.

The combination of the JEOL’s unique in lens field emission gun which allows for up to 500nA of beam current deliverable to the sample and the aperture angle control lens (ACL) which optimizes large probe currents into the smallest probe diameter, makes this microscope ideally suited for both imaging and analysis of nanostructures.

New BSE Detectors for Increased Sensitivity

In addition to solid state BSE detectors (BED), a scintillator (SBED) and versatile multi-segmented (VBED) detectors are also available to increase response, sensitivity and signal selection from different detection angles and construct 3D images of the sample.

Key Features:

  • Versatile electromagnetic/electrostatic hybrid lens design for outstanding imaging and analysis performance
  • NEOENGINE – intelligent automated electron beam control
  • Advanced auto functions including beam alignment, focus, and stigmation
  • In-lens field emission gun
  • Aperture Angle Control Lens (ACL) for superb resolution at any kV or probe current
  • Beam Deceleration (BD) mode reduces effects of lens aberrations at the sample
  • Large specimen chamber with multiple ports
  • Montage images and elemental maps
  • Smile View Lab for data management and report generation
  • Live Analysis with integrated JEOL EDS elemental screening
  • High spatial resolution imaging and analysis of nanostructures

JSM-7610FPlus Thermal, Analytical FE SEM

The JEOL JSM-7610FPlus Field Emission SEM combines two proven technologies – a semi-in-lens detector with integrated electron energy filter (r-filter) and an in-the-lens Schottky field emission gun – to deliver ultrahigh spatial resolution with a wide range of probe currents for all applications (1pA to more than 200 nA). The JSM-7610FPlus offers true 1,000,000X magnification with 0.8nm resolution at 15kV (1.0nm at 1kV) and unmatched beam stability, making it possible to observe the fine surface morphology of nanostructures.

The JSM-7610FPlus successfully integrates a full set of detectors for secondary electrons, backscattered electrons, EDS, WDS, STEM, EBSD, CL, and more. It is a top-of-the-line SEM for semiconductors, nanotechnology, material science, lithography, and compositional and structural analysis.

Key Features:

  • Ultrahigh spatial resolution.
  • In-Lens Thermal Field Emission Gun.
  • Aperture angle control lens (ACL) to automatically optimize the spot size at both high and low currents for both analysis and imaging.
  • High probe current up to 200 nA (at 15 kV) for various analytical techniques (WDS, EDS, EBSD, CL, etc.).
  • Built-in r-filter enabling user selectable mixture of secondary electron and backscattered electron images.
  • Gentle Beam mode for top-surface imaging, reduced beam damage and charge suppression.
  • A standard LABE detector for detecting very low energy and very low angle backscattered electrons.
  • Eco design for energy conservation.
  • Large specimen chamber (200mm diameter sample).