Electrolytic Preparation

Whether you are looking for electrolytic polishing equipment for non-destructive testing in the lab or mobile solutions for use in the field, you can find what you need right here. You can also find the electrolytes you need for virtually any application.


Save time when polishing and etching with the automatic, microprocesser-controlled LectroPol-5 electrolytic polishing machine.

The LectroPol-5 is designed for automated electrolytic polishing and etching of metallographic specimens. A scanning function for easy determination of parameters, built-in safety features, and a database with methods for various materials enables short polishing times and maximum reproducibility.

LectroPol-5 consists of two units, the control unit and the polishing unit. The two units can be separated from each other.

  • Scanning function
  • Method Database
  • Easy to use
  • Maximum reproducibility


Prepare thin specimens for transmission electron microscopy in minutes.

The TenuPol-5 is designed for automatic electrolytic thinning of specimens for examination in a transmission electron microscope. Establishing parameters for new materials and storing them in the method database is simple, using the built-in scanning function and additional enhancement functions. The TenuPol-5 consists of two separate units - the control unit and the polishing or thinning unit.

 A perforated specimen for transmission electron microscopy is prepared in a few minutes using a sample with a diameter of 3.0 or 2.3 mm.

  • Scanning function
  • Method Database
  • High specimen quality


Fast and efficient, non-destructive metallographic preparation in the field.

MoviPol-5 is a portable and robust electrolytic polishing and etching machine for fast and efficient, non-destructive metallographic preparation anywhere. It comes with a battery pack that ensures up to 1.5 hours of uninterrupted operation.

MoviPol-5 can be used directly on critical surfaces and is widely used for metal safety inspection, especially for critical parts of larger units, e.g. welds on pipelines and other joints on large structures. The method effectively reveals changes in the microstructure of the metal and allows preventing possible damage because of cracks and leaks.

  • Automatic polishing and etching
  • Method Database
  • Electrolyte cartridge system
  • Peristaltic pump for work in any position
  • Safety features