Grinding / Polishing and Consumables

When choosing grinding and polishing equipment, you need to consider whether to take advantage of an automated solution for maximum reproducibility and speed, or whether you can make do with a semi-automatic or manual solution. You can find a wide range of choices as well as high-quality consumables and accessories for your application.

Struers offers a wide range of specimen holders for clamping of three or more mounted or unmounted specimens. All kinds of shapes of specimens can be clamped. For the preparation of single specimens, a wide range of specimen mover plates are available. 

In our program you will find lightweight aluminum specimen holders designed with a dual-clamping principle. One screw fastens two samples. This feature facilitates faster clamping and, in most cases, also increases the capacity of the specimen holder. You will also find our leveling device for the leveling of specimens in specimen holders 140, 160, and 200 mm dia., as well as different types of storage cabinets for simple and safe storage of grinding disks and polishing cloths.


The fully automatic, compact preparation system that takes automatic specimen preparation to a new level.

Hexamatic can process both specimen holders and specimen mover plates for individual specimens. Hexamatic can handle the production of many similar specimens or a few individual specimens of a certain type. Central force is applied to specimen holders that can hold differently shaped specimens, while force is applied independently to individual specimens in specimen mover plates.

  • Advanced monitoring functions for consistent preparation results
  • Advanced cleaning and drying functions
  • Automatic sensor detection of specimen holders or mover plates


The Powerful Preparation System for High-quality Specimen Preparation

Tegramin is designed for perfect and reproducible preparation results when making materialographic inspection. The compact design with integrated specimen mover head together with an automated process control and user-friendly operation makes the Tegramin grinding/polishing machine unique and unmatched. All features on Tegramin have been developed in close cooperation with experienced metallographers for maximum preparation quality and fast results.

  • Designed for reproducibility
  • Automatic dosing
  • Precise force control
  • Removal measurement on specimen holders
  • Cone disc system


Fast, Reliable, and Adaptable Grinding and Polishing

Designed for reliability and speed for manual and semi-automatic grinding and polishing in the lab or next to the production line, LaboSystem is ready for your inspection. The LaboSystem is a modular grinding and polishing system, offering a choice of three LaboPol polishers, three LaboForce specimen movers, and two LaboDoser dosing units. The three units enable seven robust combinations to provide adaptability for the changing needs in demanding production environments. Struers’ LaboSystem also has the endurance and speed needed to keep up with 24/7 throughput, enabling faster and more reliable preparation of specimens.

  • Cone Disk System
  • Elliptical Splash Ring and Bowl
  • Durability
  • Operator Convenience
  • Adaptable for your changing needs


A reliable, high-capacity machine for fast and productive high-speed plane grinding

AbraPlan-30 brings a wide array of features and benefits, enabling users to optimize their grinding process to save time and consumables. The strongest high-speed plane grinding machine available on the materialographic market, the powerful AbraPlan-30 is ideal for laboratories or workplaces carrying out testing of large specimens or a high volume of specimens.

  • Designed for heavy use - no vibrations
  • Dresser with automatic surface detection
  • Straightforward navigation
  • Grinding stones for all materials
  • Stainless steel bowl for great durability


A high-performing grinding/polishing machine with up to 350 mm disc size for fast and efficient preparation

AbraPol-30 is an advanced, semi-automatic machine for grinding and polishing of specimens in specimen holders. Double dosing of diamond suspensions and lubricants ensures best distribution and thus an optimal utilization of the consumables. AbraPol-30 is designed for laboratories or workplaces carrying out testing of large specimens or a high volume of specimens. 

  • Sturdy, powerful and user-friendly design
  • Controlled material removal
  • Method database
  • Easy method creation
  • Maximum operator safety


Grinding and Polishing Consumables

A wide range of consumables is available for mechanical preparation to obtain the smoothest possible surface with minimal deformation.

  • Smoothest possible surface
  • Minimal deformation
  • Long service life

Original Struers disks are available for plane and fine grinding. There is a wide choice of options including diamond disks, enabling you to reduce the typical grinding process to just two steps and DiaPro diamond suspensions for exceptional planeness, edge retention, and reproducibility. All Struers grinding disks ensure a consistently high removal rate as long as possible.

Polishing is performed using abrasive film and cloths in the case of diamond polishing along with a lubricant. The choice of cloth, diamond grain size, and lubricant depends on the material to be polished. The first steps are usually performed using cloths with low resilience and, for soft materials, with a low-viscosity lubricant. For final polishing, cloths with higher resilience and a lubricant with high viscosity are used. Diamond suspensions and spray are used to obtain a constant removal rate.