Materialographic Analysis

Weld testing and structure verification have become much simpler and faster with the introduction of high resolution digital camera equipment that delivers results much faster than conventional microscopy, and is simple and easy to operate. You can find what you need right here.

Fast and user-friendly materialographic analysis using dedicated software, straightforward and rapid material replication, weld bead inspection, structure verification, image analysis, and portable microscopes are all part of the materialographic analysis equipment range.


Dedicated Structure Verification in 30 Seconds

Designed for both the production and lab environments, StructureExpert is an all-in-one solution dedicated to a particular application. Challenging conventional technology, StructureExpert does away with conventional and time-consuming positioning and adjustments, enabling reliable verification of a specimen within 30 seconds and delivering critical quality control data in line with the production line.

  • Dedicated Software
  • Auto-illumination
  • Auto-focus
  • Auto-calibration

StructureExpert Weld

The Simple Way to Precise Weld Bead Inspection, Measurement, and Control

StructureExpert Weld is the only stand-alone dedicated imaging tool designed for efficient and accurate weld bead control. Unique inverted optical system, automatic lighting, focus, and calibration eliminate time-consuming manual processes and measurement errors. Now, the weld inspection processes can be improved, thus saving time, money, and resources.

  • Unique inverted optical system
  • Dedicated Software
  • Efficient process management


Scentis Image Analysis Modules

Cutting-edge Image Informatics

Scentis addresses the needs of professionals who keep track of tremendous numbers of images and associated data.

Scentis is more than just an image database. Scentis also provides sophisticated querying, graphing, reporting, and sharing capabilities that allow users to turn raw data into useful information.

  • Developed for materialographers by materialographers
  • Simple step-by-step assistance throughout the entire process is provided, using built-in wizards.