Mineralogy and Thin Sectioning

The purpose of preparation of rocks, minerals, ceramic, and biological specimens is most often:

  • Classification of rocks
  • Identification and mapping of minerals: dating or exploration, for example
  • Analysis: major and trace elements, textural studies, or isotopic composition, for example
  • Studies of fluid inclusions
  • Studies of microfossils
  • Studies of rock fabrics, e.g. porosity and permeability
  • Studies of texture and age of bones/teeth


Fast and Economical Production of Mineralogical Thin Sections

Discoplan-TS is a versatile precision cutting and grinding machine for fast and economical production of petrographic and ceramic thin sections. Discoplan-TS combines the cutting and grinding processes in one machine, thus reducing investments and allowing for very fast preparation procedures.

The Discoplan-TS is the cornerstone of the Struers TS-Method™ for the preparation of thin sections, using a technique that provides outstanding quality and very high reproducibility, while being very easy to use.

  • Reducing investment
  • Fast preparation procedures
  • Combining cutting and grinding



User-friendly vacuum impregnation unit, especially designed for impregnation of porous materials

CitoVac gives the user a superior impregnation which is carried out quickly and efficiently. Perfect for porous materials, such as specimens for failure analysis with cracks, porous casts, and composites, electronic components, rocks minerals, ceramics, and spray coatings. CitoVac is extremely user-friendly, and is equipped with a spacious vacuum chamber.

  • Trouble-free filling of the mounting cups with no spilling
  • User-friendly operation
  • Optimum safety
  • Less cleaning
  • Room for many and/or large specimens