Mounting Equipment and Consumables

Your choice of mounting equipment depends on whether you use hot or cold mounting. You can find solutions for both along with a wide range of resins and accessories for your application.

You can choose from a large variety of accessories to enable easy handling and more accurate specimen preparation using both hot and cold mounting.

  • Easy handling
  • Higher accuracy
  • Higher productivity

You can use original Struers dosing accessories to ensure resin dosing as simply and conveniently as possible. Marking and engraving accessories are extremely easy to handle and can be used in normal writing positions with a minimum of pressure. Taper section angles and support clips are available to make positioning of samples in the resin easy and as you need it every time.

CitoPress Mounting Press

The fastest way to mounting and increased productive capacity

CitoPress is a powerful hot mounting press, giving high speed and maximum user-friendliness for faster turnaround and increased productive capacity. The optional automatic dosing system reduces mounting time by enabling dosing of a preset amount of mounting resin. The user interface includes an informative on-screen Hot Mounting Application Guide for a minimum of errors.

CitoPress-30 is an advanced, electro-hydraulic, programmable, dual cylinder mounting press. The CitoPress-30 offers total process control, database facilities, and synchronous or independent operation of both cylinders.

CitoPress-15 is an advanced, electro-hydraulic, programmable, single cylinder mounting press. The CitoPress-15 offers total process control and database facilities.

CitoPress-5 is an automatic mounting press.

  • Low mass mounting units for fast heating
  • Automatic detection of cylinder dimension
  • Automatic dosing system for faster filling of the cylinders and less spilling of resins
  • Multifunction knob and large display for intuitive operation



User-friendly vacuum impregnation unit, especially designed for impregnation of porous materials

CitoVac gives the user a superior impregnation which is carried out quickly and efficiently. Perfect for porous materials, such as specimens for failure analysis with cracks, porous casts, and composites, electronic components, rocks minerals, ceramics, and spray coatings. CitoVac is extremely user-friendly, and is equipped with a spacious vacuum chamber.

  • Trouble-free filling of the mounting cups with no spilling
  • User-friendly operation
  • Optimum safety
  • Less cleaning
  • Room for many and/or large specimens

Mounting Consumables

Wide variety of resins for both hot- and cold-mounting purposes

  • A resin for every need
  • Easy dosing
  • Specimen integrity

Hot mounting employs thermoplastic and thermosetting resins. You can choose between seven different resins, depending on your particular needs. You can choose thermoplastic resins that give you a clear view of the specimen, or enable electrolytic polishing with or without conductivity. Alternatively, there are thermoplastic epoxy and melamine resins with a high content of mineral and glass filler, a conductive Bakelite resin with a carbon filler, in different colors, or in different tablet sizes.

Cold-mounting resins include epoxy and acrylic resins, as well as a consumable kit containing 100 dispensing tubes and a protecting chamber for easy maintenance of the vacuum chamber.