On-site Materialography

Conventional materialographic preparation entails taking a representative sample from a workpiece or part by cutting or sawing. This method is not always appropriate as it destroys the component which is being examined. The non-destructive testing method enables the necessary inspection to be carried out on-site with or without minimum damage to the subject.

Struers’ lightweight portable equipment and advanced replica techniques can be used to acquire a high quality image or take a replica of the prepared surface that enables a complete evaluation of the surface without damaging the whole part.

On-site materialographic preparation and examination is particularly important for quality control, inspection, and failure analysis in power stations, aircraft, chemical plants, offshore platforms, etc.


Ensure perfectly prepared surfaces in the field.

Trans P ol-5 is a portable, non-destructive metallographic grinding/polishing machine built to withstand rugged field conditions. Very compact 32 mm grinding and polishing disks mean that welds, in even the most inaccessible places, can be handled.

  • High performance motor ensures sufficient power working even with the coarsest paper. Battery or mains powered with an exchangeable battery pack
  • Remote-controlled operation by use of a 3.0 m flexible cable
  • All necessary accessories are included, and are easily stored in the hold of the carrying case.

Replication system

The Most Versatile 3D Replicating System

RepliSet, RepliFix, and Transcopy replica foil is a complete system for replicating materials. It is designed to transfer the structure of a solid surface to a flexible, highly accurate, and stable replica. The result is an exact 3D copy of the surface, allowing microscopic examination and precise measurements. Our replicating system is accepted for ASTM standard E 1351 “Standard Practice for Production and Evaluation of Field Metallographic Replicas.”

  • Highly accurate
  • Non-destructive
  • Flexible
  • Maximum user friendliness
  • Precise measurements